Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC

from 35.00

Thursday July 11th - Saturday July 13th, 2019


Internationally renowned pickleball coach Mark Renneson (Third Shot Sports) is returning to Victoria for three days of group training and private lessons. There are intermediate and advanced group sessions (each limited to 12 people) as well as private lessons that you can keep for yourself or share with up to three people.

The clinics are fun, fast-paced and highly practical. If you want to play better pickleball and to have more fun on the court, this is a chance to get on the court with one of pickleball’s top instructors.

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All About Offence

High quality pickleball requires that players have a good understanding of when and how they can go on offense. This session is focused on the technical, tactical and decision-maiking skills needed to be able to put your opponents in trouble. Areas of focus will include using the serve and the return to gain an advantage, hitting challenging third shots, as well as finishing strong up at the net. Note: while this session is devoted to offensive pickleball play, that does not mean it is all about hitting hard. This session will also examine the many ways that slow balls can be effective offensive tools. Limited to 12 participants. Skill level 3.0/3.5

Advanced Training

Develop some of the finer skills needed to compete at a high level. Areas of focus will include causing trouble early in the point, neutralizing opponents with effective defense and becoming more consistent when under pressure. Players should be at the 4.0 level or above. Limited to 12 players.

Defence Wins Championships

It is important for teams to learn how withstand the pressure when their opponents are coming at them. This session is devoted to developing and applying the skills and strategies needed to ‘weather the storm’ and to get out of trouble when the other team is on offence. Topics will include how to neutralize opponents against fast balls at the net, how to pop up fewer balls at the NVZ, and how to handle spin. Limited to 12 participants. Skill level 3.0/3.5

Intermediate Drills

If you are an intermediate player who is struggling to get over the hump, this session is for you! We will focus on a wide range of skills (serve/return, third shots, defending and finishing points at the net) that can help you to become a more consistent and effective player. Fast-paced and fun, Intermediate Training is a great way to learn, improve and get a good workout! Limited to 12 participants. Skill level 3.0/3.5

Private Lessons

Looking for that little something extra? We have a limited number of private sessions that are available for 1-4 people. Each session is 90-minutes long and is suited to exactly what you need to elevate your game. The person who signs up for this is responsible for deciding who else will join them. $180 (cost may be shared between participants)

Audit Pass 

Injured? Clinics all sold out? Join in on the fun without hitting a ball! The audit pass gives you access to group sessions (not private lessons) so you can still watch, ask questions and learn. You’ll even receive all of our follow-up materials.